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Top 10 Battery Storage Solutions Companies - 2022

Battery storage, without doubt, has been one of the most disruptive technologies embraced by the power sector. Over the last decade, low-cost storage solutions have transformed the power landscape with profound implications. The growing market for consumer electronics and rising demand for electric vehicles (EV) have led to storage prices dropping faster than everybody’s expectations. Several players across Europe, Asia, and the U.S. have significantly scaled their lithium-ion manufacturing capacity to serve EV and other power applications.

Battery storage is rapidly becoming an economical option for many commercial customers to reduce their peak consumption levels. The technology now plays a broader role in energy markets, moving from niche uses such as grid balancing to more significant ones such as replacing conventional power generators for reliability, providing power-quality services, and supporting renewables integration. With regulatory changes pare backing incentives for renewable energy sources, combining solar with storage to enable households to make and consume their power on demand instead of exporting power to the grid is beginning to be an attractive opportunity for customers. The battery storage space will continue to expand, transforming the operations of grids and power markets and the ways in which customers consume and produce power.

To make this task easier and assist leaders in identifying the right battery storage solution providers, Energy Tech Review presents to you “Top 10 Battery Storage Solutions Providers 2022.” A distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, Analysts, and the Energy Tech Review editorial board has selected the most promising battery storage solution providers. In our selection process, we looked at the company’s offerings, core competency, news/ press releases, client testimonials, milestones, and other recognition.

    Top Battery Storage Solutions Companies

  • Core Development Group is a trusted and agile independent U.S. company that designs, develops, and constructs renewable clean energy projects and offers related consulting services to companies in the U.S. and abroad. As a nationally ranked company, we help organizations of all sizes transition to clean, renewable energy with solar energy, battery storage, microgrids, and EV charging installations. Core Development Group also partners with other leading companies in the renewable energy industry to provide world class engineering design, procurement, construction, and quality assurance construction management consulting services. Founded in 2012, Core Development Group is headquartered in Mahwah, New Jersey.

  • Since its inception in 2014, the company has been an advocate of alternative, safe, abundant, and affordable energy. Infinity Energy assists every use case—including residential, retrofit residential solutions, and commercial buildings—in maintaining, installing, and servicing energy storage equipment. The company currently sells Tesla, Sonnen, Enphase and Generac batteries and ensures those are installed properly. The company has successfully brought almost 100 percent automation in its affordable design process and allows each client to make the necessary design changes. It continues to add several technology layers, such as text messaging and bots, to allow better interaction between the project manager, the system, the rep, and the customer.

  • Powerland Technology offers a whole range of AC/DC chargers and DC/DC converter modules for EVs as well as industrial and robotics products. The company provides both on-board and off-board AC/DC chargers through the range of 84W to 11kW with batteries ranging from 12VDC to 600VDC. They are suitable for a broad spectrum of applications using Li-ion battery packs, be it electric tools, fork-lifts, motorcycles or other battery charging applications for 3 or 4-wheel vehicles. Notably, Powerland’s pioneering focus on power density makes its product portfolio ideal for EV and robotics manufacturers. Powerland offers one of the smallest battery chargers in the 3kW range and the smallest in the 6kW range. Powerland also puts forth reliable and efficient DC/DC converters for electric vehicles—from 50W to 3500W—which can be used to supply power for accessories, lights, and on-board conversion.

  • From concept to design to construction, Solar Alternatives delivers reliable and fully-commissioned solar energy systems that best meet their clients’ needs. Not limited to solar and battery systems, Solar Alternatives also offers a suite of products that address the growing need for electrification. As electrification becomes a larger priority for home and business owners, the company is positioning itself in the EV marketplace by incorporating charging capabilities for vehicles in multifamily residential areas and workplaces. Solar Alternatives’ distinctiveness springs from its real-world experience, which helps it better serve the market with strong engineering resources, deep vendor partnerships, manufacturer support teams, and a wide breadth of industry coverage.

  • Zelos Energy is developing rechargeable alkaline manganese-zinc (MnZn) batteries, which are cost-effective and can store the converted energy from renewable energy sources like solar panels and wind turbines for longer periods

  • B2U Storage Solutions

    B2U Storage Solutions

    B2U Storage Solutions is engaged in deploying and developing large scale energy storage systems using EV batteries

  • Entergy


    Entergy is a Fortune 500 Company engaged in creating a cleaner and more resilient energy future for the world

  • NXTGEN Clean Energy Solutions

    NXTGEN Clean Energy Solutions

    NXTGEN provides clean energy technology and sustainability consulting for customers in various sectors including business, municipal, education and manufacturing

  • Sungrow Power Supply

    Sungrow Power Supply

    Sungrow Power is offering products, solutions, and services across the entire energy value chain

  • Triad Pro Innovators

    Triad Pro Innovators

    Triad Pro Innovators offers diversified energy solutions that is specialized in renewable energy, battery storage system and applications

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