Dr. Ming Xu, Founder, President, and CEO, Powerland TechnologyDr. Ming Xu, Founder, President, and CEO
As more U.S. states and European countries come forward to phase out internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEVs), it is indeed a shot in the arm for electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers in the country. However, to stand out in the increasingly competitive EV market, manufacturers have to leverage highly efficient, reliable, and customized battery charging and storage solutions. That’s where Powerland Technology is breaking new ground for EV manufacturers with their AC/DC chargers and DC/DC converter modules engineered and manufactured with the highest industry standards.

As a leading power conversion company, Powerland’s pioneering focus on power density makes its expansive product portfolio ideal for EV as well as robotics manufacturers, and virtually anything that moves that has a battery and needs charging. On that front, Powerland offers one of the smallest battery chargers in the 3kW range and the smallest in the 6kW range. The company’s 3.3kW Li-ion battery chargers, for instance, are an optimal and safe power conversion option for leading-edge EVs. Their excellent power efficiency and thermal management provide the on-board standard chargers with high reliability and a long lifetime.

Powerland provides both on-board and off-board AC/DC chargers through the range of 84W to 11kW with batteries ranging from 12VDC to 600VDC. They are suitable for a broad spectrum of applications using Li-ion battery packs, be it electric tools, fork-lifts, motorcycles, or other battery charging applications for 3 or 4-wheel vehicles. The company also puts forth reliable and efficient DC/DC converters for electric vehicles—from 50W to 3500W—which can be used to supply power for accessories, lights, and on-board conversion.

Besides a broad portfolio of leading edge products, Powerland also has vast expertise in tailor-making its battery charging solutions according to client requirements, including the dimensions, controller area network (CAN) protocols, cooling conditions, and the fine tuning of charging voltage and current. "We can consolidate all these changes in our solutions at very reasonable costs,” states Dr. Ming Xu, founder, president, and CEO of Powerland Technology.

To facilitate it, Powerland has cutting-edge manufacturing facilities that employ advanced and automatic manufacturing techniques and systems, like precision Surface Mount Technology (SMT) for placing semiconductors on Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) and Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) for quality analysis, among others.

This manufacturing competency is indeed empowering Powerland’s clients with a great deal of flexibility in their battery charging solutions, whether it is regarding the cooling systems or water Ingress Protection (IP). Recently, an automobile manufacturer approached Powerland to avail chargers with an IP65 enclosure that offers protection from low pressure water jets. But when onboarded, Powerland realized that the client needed much more substantial protection against liquid ingress since steam cleaners are being used to wash their motorcycles. The team at Powerland consequently totally reviewed and re-engineered the whole design to make it an IP67 enclosure in a short turnaround time.

Such proficiency is also enabling Powerland to come up with unique products. For example, Powerland is currently working on a new integrated unit in the 6kW range that will have the AC/DC charger and a DC/DC converter. Additionally, as it has flowing water inside, so the unit won’t require any fan. Powerland is planning to launch this all-in one unit in the market by the end of this year.
  • Powerland’s pioneering focus on power density makes its expansive product portfolio ideal for EV as well as robotics manufacturers

Riding on the coattails of such competencies, Powerland has already become a reliable battery charger solution provider for EV and robotics manufacturers. In that regard, the company has established a substantial client base in Asia, Europe, and North America. Powerland will soon be opening another 500,000 sq ft manufacturing facility to further bolster its position in the energy charging market.